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A quoad sacra parish is a type of parish in Scotland which is used for ecclesiastical purposes only. Quoad sacra translates from Latin as 'concerning sacred matters'. This type of parish can be distinguished from the 'parish proper' a parish combining both civil and eccesiastical functions.[1][2]

Ordinary civil parishes were designated as parishes quoad omnia (English: concerning all matters being parishes quoad civilia et sacra (English: concerning civil matters and sacred matters. Typically, a number of quoad sacra parishes could exist within a single civil parish, each often maintain its own parish church.


Whilst generally ecclesiastical, the distinction between eccesiastical and civil parishes was often blurred. Civil parishes had the duty of setting church rates, in addition to their civil roles in the provision of education, sanitation and the poor law.[1]


Particular Acts of Parliament which created quoad sacra parishes in Scotland are the New Parishes (Scotland) Act 1844, the United Parishes (Scotland) Act 1868 and the United Parishes (Scotland) Act 1876.