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The RTÉ Executive Board is a committee composed of the senior management of the Irish public service broadcaster, Raidió Teilifís Éireann, responsible for the day-to-day running of the broadcaster.


The Executive Board is chaired by the Director-General of RTÉ. The board is made up of the Managing Directors of Television, Radio, News, the Chief Financial Officer and the Director of Communications. The Director-General is appointed by the Authority while the other board members are appointed by the Director-General. Currently members of the board are:

  • Noel Curran, Director General
  • Glen Killane, MD Television
  • Conor Hayes, CFO
  • Claire Duignan, MD Radio
  • Kevin Bakhurst, MD News and Current Affairs
  • Brian Dalton,MD Corporate Development
  • Bride Rosney, Communications[1]


The group is responsible for the management of the corporation on a day-to-day basis. Despite its name, the board was not a board of directors, but rather is a management team. As RTÉ was not legally a company as defined by the Companies' Acts, it did not have a board of directors as such. However that role is filled by the RTÉ Authority, who were the statutory body charged with running RTÉ under the Broadcasting Authority Acts 1960-2002. The Authority was however a part-time non-executive body, while the members of the Board work full-time for RTÉ and are full-time executives of the corporation.This will change following the enactment of the Broadcasting Act 2009 and RTÉ will become a semi-state company under the Companies Acts.

The Executive Board reports to the RTÉ Board through the Director General.

As RTÉ is a state owned corporation, the Executive thus has responsibility to those householders with a television that pay the TV licence.[2] It should be pointed out however, that legal responsibility for the service rests with the Board of Radio Telifís Éireann and not the Executive.[3]

Mission to Prey[edit]

Following RTÉ's defamation of Father Kevin Reynolds in its "Mission to Prey" episode of Prime Time, RTÉ announced that Ed Mulhall, MD News, had "retired" on 3 April 2012.[4]