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Sheikh Ragheb Harb (1952–1984) was a Lebanese resistance leader and Muslim cleric. He was born in Jebsheet, a village in the Jabal Amel region of Southern Lebanon. Harb was an imam and led regional resistance against Israeli occupation[1] Shiite resistance until he was assassinated by Israelis on 16 February 1984.[2] Danny Abdalla, a Lebanese criminal living in Denmark, admitted to having killed Harb on behalf of the Israelis, and also claimed to have participated in the kidnapping of Harb's successor, Abdul Karim Obeyd.[3][4] As a result, Hezbollah put him on their death list, and he is wanted in Lebanon.[5] According to one source, Harb's supporters would go on to form the Lebanese paramilitary and political organization Hezbollah. He belonged to the first Shiite party in Lebanon "Amal Movement" [1]


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