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Not to be confused with Raoul (song).
Raoul EP
EP by The Automatic
Released 17 July 2006 (Europe)
Recorded 2005 - 2006
Genre Post-punk revival
Alternative rock
Length 25.50 (Europe)
Label B-Unique Records
Producer Steve Harris
Richard Jackson
The Automatic chronology
Not Accepted Anywhere
Raoul EP
Live at the 100 Club

Raoul EP is an 8-track EP by Welsh band The Automatic featuring the original versions of singles "Recover" and "Raoul", plus B-sides from the "Monster", "Raoul" and "Recover" singles. It was originally released for the European market, but has since been made available in the UK, making it more convenient for fans to get hold of the rarer tracks all on CD.[1] Raoul is the owner of a sandwich shop in Cardiff, who would make the band's sandwiches[2]


On 11 May 2006 a video for song "Song 6" was uploaded to the bands Myspace, after the song was featured on the "Recover" single earlier that year.[3]

Many of the tracks are featured on the first three singles by the band; "Jack Daniels" is featured on the Recover CD, "Song6" Recover 7" vinyl, "On The Campaign Trail" is featured on both Raoul and the album Not Accepted Anywhere "Trophy Wives" is also a b-side to Raoul, "Night Drive" and "High Tide On Caroline Street" are both featured on the UK release of Monster, the only b-sides from Not Accepted Anywhere which are not included on the EP are "Time=Money", which was released with Recover, and "Easy Target" which was released with Raoul.

Track listing[edit]

Track Listing
No. Title Length
1. "Recover"   2:53
2. "Jack Daniels"   3:10
3. "Song6"   3:28
4. "Raoul"   3:54
5. "On the Campaign Trail"   3:02
6. "Trophy Wives"   1:57
7. "Night Drive"   4:12
8. "High Tide on Caroline Street"   2:54


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