Ray Santilli

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Ray Santilli
Born (1958-09-30) 30 September 1958 (age 55)
London, UK
Nationality British
Other names Raymond Santilli
Occupation Musician, Record producer, Film producer
Known for "Alien autopsy" footage

Ray Santilli (born 30 September 1958) is a British musician, record, and film producer, best known for his exploitation in 1995 of the controversial "alien autopsy" footage, subject of the Ant & Dec film Alien Autopsy.


In 1982 Santilli started AMP Entertainment, where he produced and promoted acts of the day. His credits include: Ian Dury, Boy George, Dollar, Hazel O'Connor, Hot Chocolate, Slipknot, Howard Jones, Jimmy Nail, Shriekback, Grace Kennedy, Noddy Holder, Bill Wyman, Slade, Sweet, Thompson Twins, Uriah Heep, Leo Sayer, Chris de Burgh, The Tourists (later Eurythmics), The Belle Stars, The Lambrettas, Connie Francis, Kid Creole & The Coconuts, The Foundations, The Searchers, The Troggs, The Drifters, The Platters, Jerry Lee Lewis, ABC, The Piranhas, and Musical Youth.

In 1985 he founded "Music Broadcasting Services Ltd", an independent record label which handled the exclusive rights to the Walt Disney Audio Catalogue in the United Kingdom.

In 1991 Santilli Founded the Merlin Group. This company specialized in the re-recording of hits with original artists. Merlin also produced and marketed a number of television specials.

Santilli is best known for his claim to have discovered footage which depicted the Autopsy of an Alien creature. The infamous Alien Autopsy footage was broadcast to a worldwide audience on 28 August 1995 smashing audience figures for the broadcasters concerned.

In 2006 the story of Ray Santilli and the Alien Autopsy was the subject of a Warner Brothers movie Alien Autopsy featuring the British double act Ant & Dec. Dec played Ray Santilli with Ant as Santilli's real life business partner and friend Gary Shoefield.

In 2006 Ray Santilli claimed that sections of the Alien Autopsy footage had been restored.

Ray Santilli has produced a number of television documentaires (source IMDB internet Movie database)

2013 Hendrix on Hendrix (executiveproducer)    

2012 One Direction: All for One (executive producer)   

2008 Blue Rendezvous ( TV movie) (producer)    

2006 Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash: TheRoad Show  (executiveproducer)    

2006 Thin Lizzy: Outlawed – The Real PhilLynott (TV movie) (producer)    

2006 Alien Autopsy (executive producer)    

2006 Dean Martin: A Reflection (TVdocumentary) (producer)    

2006 Clash: The Joe Strummer Story(producer)    

2005 Frank Sinatra: A Reflection (TVdocumentary) (producer)  

2005 Johnny Cash: The Man in Black – HisEarly Years (TV documentary) (executive producer)    

2005 Marc Bolan: Ride On ( videodocumentary) (producer)    

2005 Viva Joe Strummer: The Clash andBeyond (video documentary) (producer)    

2005 Nat King Cole: For Sentimental Reasons(TV movie) (co-producer)    

2005 Elvis: The Last 24 Hours (TV movie)(producer)    

2004 Benny Goodman: Legends in Concert -The Last Performance (TV movie) (producer)  

2004 Bob Marley: Spiritual Journey (TV movie)(co-executive producer, producer)    

2004 Jimi Hendrix: The Last 24 Hours (TVmovie) (executive producer)    

2003 Elvis: The Journey (TV movie)(co-producer)    

2003 Alien Sign: The Message (TV movie)(producer)    

2002 Irish Tenor Trio: A Classic IrishChristmas (TV movie) (producer)    

2002 George Harrison: The Quiet One (videodocumentary) (producer)    

2002 Beckham Mania: The Kick Off (TVdocumentary) (producer)    

2002 John Lennon: The Messenger (TVdocumentary) (producer)    

2002 Bruce Lee: The Legend Lives On (TVmovie) (producer)    

2001 The Beatles... Off the Record:Newsreel Footage 1964–1966 (TV documentary) (producer)    

2001 Elvis: The Missing Years (videodocumentary) (producer)    

1995 Alien Autopsy: (Fact or Fiction?) (TVmovie)    

1995 Alan Shearer: Sheer Magi c (videodocumentary) (producer)    

1995 The Doctors 30 years of Time Travel    

1994 Batmad (TV movie) (producer)  1994 Bruce Lee – Martial Arts Master (TVdocumentary) (executive producer)    

1994 The Beatles, The Long and WindingRoad: The Life and Times (TV documentary) (co-producer)  

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