Re-Animator: The Musical

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Re-Animator the Musical
Music Mark Nutter
Lyrics Mark Nutter
Book Stuart Gordon
William J. Norris
Dennis Paoli
Basis 1985 film Re-Animator and related franchise
Productions 2011 Los Angeles, 2012 New York, 2012 Edinburgh

Re-Animator: The Musical is an American rock musical stage play based on the cult classic film Re-Animator. First performed on stage in 2011 at the The Steve Allen Theater in Los Angeles, California. The show won several awards including the LA Weekly award for Best Musical. One critic for Variety praised it, saying "not since 'Little Shop of Horrors' has a screamfest tuner so deftly balanced seriousness and camp."[1]


Medical student Herbert West develops a fluid that brings the dead back to life. While attending Miskatonic University to continue his studies and research, West involves fellow student Dan Cain and his fiancée Megan Halsey in his experiments. The trio must not only try to keep their research a secret, but also hide the science-altering discovery from Dr. Carl Hill and Dean Halsey, Megan's father.


Original Re-Animator film director Stuart Gordon, who began his entertainment career by co-founding Chicago's Organic Theater Company, began thinking of a stage adaptation in the early part of the century. He was partially inspired by the movie-to-musical adaptation Little Shop of Horrors.[2]

Similar to Evil Dead: The Musical, fans can enjoy the "splatter zone"—the first three rows of the theater where patrons can count on a good blood-soaking. Ticket buyers in this area are advised to dress down.

Los Angeles production[edit]

The musical debuted at The Steve Allen Theater in March 2011.

It won the Best Book award from the Ovation Awards and the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Musical Score. In addition, it also won 6 awards from LA Weekly.[3]

New York production[edit]

The production appeared at the New York Musical Theatre Festival in July 2012.

Edinburgh Production[edit]

The production made its international debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2012.

Creative Team[edit]

Re-Animator: The Musical was developed and premiered at the Steve Allen Theater under the Artistic Direction of Amit Itelman. It was produced by Dean Schramm and Stuart Gordon. The music and lyrics are by Mark Nutter. Peter Adams was the musical director and Cynthia Carle supplied the choreography.

Cast members of the Los Angeles production included Graham Skipper, George Wendt, Chris McKenna, Jesse Merlin, Rachel Avery, Cynthia Carle and Brian Gillespie.

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