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Reichstag is a German word which in political terms means Parliament but directly translated is Diet of the Realm or National Diet or Imperial Diet. It may refer to:


Reichstagsgebäude, the specific German word for Parliamentary buildings, often simply shortened to Reichstag. In this context it may refer to:


Various historic legislative bodies in German-speaking countries have been referred to as Reichstags, including:

Historic events[edit]

See also[edit]

  • Reichsrat (disambiguation) (roughly "Imperial Council"), a smaller, more powerful legislative body in several German-speaking countries, similar to the Upper House of a Parliament
  • Reichstag (Berlin U-Bahn), the underground station at the Reichstag building
  • Rigsdagen, the parliament of Denmark from 1849 to 1953
  • Riksdagen, the parliament of Sweden and the parliament of Finland (in Finland also called eduskuna)
  • Riksråd, generic name for various Imperial Councils in Scandinavian countries
  • In modern Germany, the Bundestag and Bundesrat are the two chambers of parliament