Republic of Florida

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Republic of Florida
Unrecognized state

Flag Great Seal
Map of the Republic of Florida on January 10, 1861
Capital Tallahassee
Languages English (de facto)
Government Republic
Governor Madison S. Perry
Legislature General Assembly
 -  Upper Chamber Senate
 -  Lower Chamber House of Representatives
 -  Established January 10, 1861
 -  Disestablished February 4, 1861
 -  1860 est. 140,424 
Currency US Dollar
Today part of  United States

The Republic of Florida was an independent nation that existed on the territory of the current U.S. state of Florida from January 10, 1861, when it became the third state to declare its secession from the Union following the election of Abraham Lincoln, until February 8, 1861, when it joined the Confederate States of America.