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ReverbNation logo.png
Founded 31st October 2006
Headquarters Durham, North Carolina, United States
Founder(s) Mike Doernberg, Jed Carlson, Lou Plaia, Robbert Hubbard, Steve Jernigan
CEO Mike Doernberg
Industry Music
Employees 90+ worldwide
Parent eMinor, Inc.
Slogan(s) Artists First
Alexa rank 1,847 [1]
Type of site SaaS
Users 3.5 Million+
Launched October 31, 2006, launched in 2006, develops technology for musicians, artist managers, record labels, venues, and music festivals for promotion, content management and cross-media licensing opportunities.[2]


  • ReverbNation provides a widget that allows its members to place content on web pages. This TuneWidget is a feature that links back to additional content, such as music recommended by the band who created the widget.[3][4] In 2007, Webs (formerly Freewebs) added a widget service that included TuneWidget as an option for its web site users.[5]
  • A feature called Band Equity measures popularity based on four metrics of its service: reach, influence, access, and recency with the top 100 of each genre being recognized.[6][7]
  • Promote It allows independent musicians to advertise on Facebook and other major music websites (Pitchfork Media, Spin (magazine), YouTube), with custom landing pages and dynamic reporting so that users know where their ads have appeared.[8]
  • A music charity program called Music For Good was launched in 2013. This program allows artists to donate half of any MP3 sales to the non-profit of their choice.[9] As of October 2013, the program consisted of more than 100,000 artists and 13 charities (including Oxfam, Half the Sky, and World Vision International).[10]
  • The Gig Finder tool gives independent musicians access to a database of over 600,000 venues and helps them customize their search based on location, name of the venue they wish to play to, places similar artists have played, and clubs the musician has performed at before.[11]


  • The band Rehab headlined the ReverbNation summer 2007 tour.[12]
  • In May, 2008, Judas Priest pre-released a track from its upcoming album on ReverbNation. Its label, Epic Records, described the use of the TuneWidget as "a must have tool for any artist's viral campaign".[13]
  • In Dec, 2009, ReverbNation partnered with Microsoft launching Playlist 7 sponsorship program where 7 top emerging artists were able to showcase their work through a song feature[14]
  • In January 2015, ReverbNation announced an alliance with Summerfest, the "World's Largest Music Festival," in which ReverbNation would become the festival's exclusive online submission platform for three years.[15]
  • In January 2015, ReverbNation announced the fifth straight year of Hard Rock Rising (in collaboration with Hard Rock Cafe), in which bands from across the world would compete in a battle of the bands competition for a spot at Hard Rock Rising 2015 in Barcelona, Spain.[16]



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