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For the London-based rock group, see Revolver (UK band).
Revolver French band.jpg
Revolver performing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, October 2011
Background information
Origin Paris, France
Genres Pop rock
Years active 2006–present
Labels Delabel/EMI(Europe). Astralwerks (US)
Members Ambroise Willaume
Christophe Musset
Jérémie Arcache

Revolver is a pop rock band, formed in Paris, in September 2006.


The group consists of:

  • Ambroise Willaume - Vocals, guitar, piano
  • Christophe Musset - Vocals, guitar
  • Jérémie Arcache - Cello, vocals
  • (Maxime Garoute - Drums)

Christophe and Ambroise write the lyrics, but in their separate ways. The only lyrics actually written by both, is "Leave Me Alone". As for music, everyone brings his idea and we put everything in common. There are songs on the disc quite personal like "You drove me home", "Luke, Mike & John" or "Do you have a gun?" and songs composed entirely by the group, such as Balulalow.


Christophe Musset and Ambroise Willaume, joined by Jérémie Arcache, composed their first songs in an apartment in Paris. Unable to make too much noise, they worked on their voices and played mainly on acoustic instruments. They created a coherent ensemble and performed in small venues (bars,friend's apartment). In one of these venues the label "pop de chambre" was coined to describe their music for its similarity with the chamber music (musique de chambre in French).

In 2007, they are discovered and signed by the parisian label Delabel/EMI EMI
Early in 2008 they recorded an EP. Pop de Chambre
In june 2009, they recorded their first LP Music for a while.[1]
They started a tour in 2009 in France with a few dates in Germany[2] and Switzerland. They added a percussionist and used more electric guitar in their show.
Although they sing in English, they were nominated twice at the French Music ceremony Awards "Les Victoires de la Musique" in March 2010, for "Révélation album" (Best Debut Album) and "Révélation Scène" (Best New Live Act).


  • They chose English from the beginning because, being influenced by the Beatles, Elliott Smith, Neil Young, Radiohead, Simon & Garfunkel, The Kinks... it is the language in which their writing comes most naturally. In addition, it is easier to use harmonies in English than in French in pop music.
  • Jérémie has hardly ever listened to pop, he says it's Mozart, especially the Magic Flute which gave him the desire to become a musician, Christopher and Ambroise make him listen to pop more often and took him to see Radiohead at Bercy in 2008 so that he would truly discover it. On the other hand Christophe admits he never listened to classical music. It was only with the group that he started listening to Bach ...
  • Ambroise and Christophe say it's Elliott Smith that gave them the desire to get into the music and Christophe was listening to Jean-Jacques Goldman as a child. Ambroise meanwhile, said he also loves kitsch stuff, such as Elton John, ABBA or the Bee Gees... They also meet every three to another point : for them is Radiohead the "greatest band in the world" .
  • Their music is a bridge between pop and classical music or even the Renaissance or the Baroque and influence everything from Beatles to Bach, from Benjamin Britten to Elliot Smith. In the group we can also say that Ambroise is the bridge between Christopher and Jérémie because he is the only one with a culture that is both classic and pop.[4]



  • 2009 : Music for a While
    • 2010 : Music for a While (re-edited with 5 bonus tracks on a second CD)
  • 2012 : Let Go


  • 2008 : Pop de chambre (EP)
  • 2011 : Parallel lives (EP)


  • 2009: "Get Around Town"
  • 2010: "Balulalow"
  • 2010: "Leave Me Alone"
  • 2012: "Wind Song"
Repeatedly on stage and/or on album


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