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Rheta DeVries is a professor at University of Northern Iowa's Regent's Center For Early Developmental Education,[1] where she also serves as director. She has co-wrote many books along with Constance Kamii, concerning early childhood education curriculum that both influenced the field of early childhood mathematical instruction and accelerated the proliferation of constructivist-based teaching in the classroom.


DeVries has written several works including these:

  • Programs of early education: The constructivist view ISBN 978-0-582-28301-5 (1987)
  • Constructivist Early Education, Overview and Comparison With Our Program: Overview and Comparison With Other Programs [ISBN 978-0935989335 (1989)
  • Moral Classrooms, Moral Children: Creating a Constructivist Atmosphere in Early Education (Early Childhood Education Series) ISBN 978-0-8077-3341-7 (1994)


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