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Richard Beaudoin (born 1975) is an American composer of classical music.

Beaudoin was born in 1975 in North Attleborough, Massachusetts.[1] He graduated from North Attleborough High School in 1993.[2] Five years later he graduated summa cum laude from Amherst College, where he studied with Lewis Spratlan.[3] He was a MacDowell Colony Fellow in 1999. He earned his M.Mus. in Music Composition from London's Royal Academy of Music in 2002 and his Ph.D. in Composition and Music Theory from Brandeis University in 2008.[4]

He has taught at Amherst, Brandeis, and Harvard University. He has published scholarly articles in such journals as the Journal of Music Theory and Perspectives of New Music.

The first act of his opera-in-progress Pierre based on Herman Melville's Pierre: or, The Ambiguities was staged at London's Arcola Theatre in 2007.[5]

Two of his works for piano, Qui Tollis and Les signes de ma faiblesse, have been recorded by Constantine Finehouse and released in January 2010.[1] His works have been performed by the Kreutzer, Lydian and Chiara String Quartets, by members of the Philharmonia Orchestra, Annette Dasch, and others.[6]

In 2010, Boston Lyric Opera commissioned a work from Beaudoin to precede its February 2011 performances of Viktor Ullmann's Der Kaiser von Atlantis.[7] Beaudoin responded with a 20-minute work for singers and chamber ensemble, The After-Image.[8] It premiered on February 1, 2011.[9]

Works (partial list)[edit]

  • Dramatic
    • Himmelfahrt (Ascension), chamber opera for six voices (2007)
    • Pierre (work in progress)
    • The After-Image (Das Nach-Bild), bass, mezzo-soprano, clarinet, violin, violoncello and piano (2010)
  • Choral
    • A stand of people, a cappella choir (2001)
  • Vocal
    • Light Verse, voice and piano (2002)
    • Eunoia Songs, tenor and piano (2005)
    • Romanzero Lieder, tenor and piano (2007)[10]
    • Nach-Fragen, voice and piano (2008)[11]
  • Chamber
    • The Artist and his Model II—La durée sans contacts s'affaiblit, string quartet (2010)
    • Étude d'un prélude X—Second String Quartet (2009)
    • First String Quartet: Memor fui nocte nominis tui (2007)
    • In höchster Not, for violin and piano (2005), dedicated to Jesse Holstein[12]
  • Orchestra/large ensemble
    • Étude d'un prélude V—Photorealism (2009)


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