Rite of Spring (film)

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Rite of Spring
Directed by Manoel de Oliveira
Produced by Manoel de Oliveira
Written by Manoel de Oliveira
Francisco Vaz De Guimaraes
Starring Nicolau Nunes Da Silva
Ermelinda Pires
Maria Madalena
Amélia Chaves
Luis De Sousa
Francisco Luís
Cinematography Manoel de Oliveira
Editing by Manoel de Oliveira
Release dates 1963
Running time 94 min
Country Portugal
Language Portuguese

Rite of Spring (Portuguese: Acto de Primavera) is a 1963 Portuguese film directed by Manoel de Oliveira, his second feature.

Manoel de Oliveira had as an assistant director in the film the poet and director António Reis, whose influence can be felt deeply throughout it, what lead to its inclusion in The School of Reis program.[1]


The inhabitants of Curalha, a small village in western Portugal, perform the Passion of Jesus every year according to text from about the 16th century, Oliveira stumbled upon this during the production of a film in 1963; the film is also remembered for "a furious apocalyptic montage that links Christ's death to the violence and lunacy of the Vietnam era".[2]

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