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Robert George Jewell
Born 20 January 1920
Died 10 May 1998(1998-05-10) (aged 78)
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Occupation Actor
Spouse(s) Esther first then Irene
Children Sandra, Helen, Alison, Alan

Robert Jewell (20 January 1920* – 10 May 1998) was an Australian actor who mostly worked as a Dalek or other robot operator on Doctor Who in the late 1960s, also playing a cameo as Bing Crosby in the serial The Daleks' Master Plan. He later returned to Australia and played small recurring roles in Prisoner during the 1980s. Previous to travelling to England, Robert Jewell was in many stage shows including 'Moomba' in Melbourne and also did skits in 'In Melbourne Tonight'. He was friends with Toni Lamond (Australian singer) and knew Bert Newton and Graham Kennedy. He was also Stage Manager at 'His Majestys Theatre' in Melbourne where Bert Newton and Toni Lamond performed.

In his later years, he formed a small group who travelled to Aged people's homes and put on performances. His eldest daughter, Sandra Papavasiliou, was interviewed by Spencer Howson of ABC Radio (Brisbane) on the subject of Daleks (available on the web).

* Note: This is from a Public Member Trees search on Ancestry, where the date of death is oddly given as 2 May 1998.

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