Rote Nase

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Rote Nase
Rote Nase is located in Switzerland
Rote Nase
Rote Nase
Location in Switzerland
Elevation 3,251 m (10,666 ft)[1]
Location Valais, Switzerland
Range Pennine Alps
Coordinates 45°59′12″N 7°48′40″E / 45.98667°N 7.81111°E / 45.98667; 7.81111Coordinates: 45°59′12″N 7°48′40″E / 45.98667°N 7.81111°E / 45.98667; 7.81111
One of the Rote Nase cable cars on its way up the mountain from Hohtälli. The cable car system was built in 1986.

The Rote Nase (German for "Red Nose") is a mountain of the Swiss Pennine Alps, located east of the Gornergrat in Valais. The summit is 3,251 m (10,666 ft) above sea level. It is located to the Southeast of the town of Zermatt, and features several ungroomed ski runs leading down the mountain. The summit can be accessed using either a T-bar lift running up from lower down the mountain or a cable car running from Hohtälli.[2]


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