Royal York Crescent

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Royal York Crescent from the west end. Princess Eugenie attended school in the house on the left.

Royal York Crescent is a major residential street in Clifton, Bristol. It overlooks much of the docks, and much of the city can be seen from it. It also joins Clifton Village at one end. It is one of the most expensive streets in the city.

A Grade II* listed terrace of 46 houses (most of which are divided into flats) is on the northeast side of the street for most of its length. Construction of the terrace, which was reputed to be the longest terrace in Europe, started in 1791 but it was not completed until 1820.[1]

The crescent is part of the Clifton conservation area.


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Coordinates: 51°27′15″N 2°37′15″W / 51.45403°N 2.62071°W / 51.45403; -2.62071