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VHS cover
Directed by Glen Salzman
Rebecca Yates
Produced by Glen Salzman
Rebecca Yates
Written by Nada Harcourt
Michael jean
Starring Jim Carrey
Adah Glassbourg
Music by Rainer Wiens
Distributed by Trimark Pictures
Release dates
Running time
55 minutes
Country Canada
Language English

Rubberface is a 1983 television film made for CBC television starring Jim Carrey. Originally titled Introducing Janet, it was changed to Rubberface for the video release after Carrey's success.


Rubberface revolves around a young, depressed woman named Janet Taylor (Adah Glassbourg). She meets a dish washer named Tony Maroni (Jim Carrey), an aspiring comedian, at a comedy club. Maroni, however, has little success in comedy, while Janet proves to be far more successful. As the film progresses, their varying ambitions and capabilities as comedians result in their cooperation, which concludes the plot.


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