Saint-Laurent Railway Bridge

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Saint-Laurent Railway Bridge
Pont Saint-Laurent (LaSalle).jpg
The Saint-Laurent Railway Bridge as seen from the Monette-Lafleur bus terminal.
Official name none
Carries Canadian Pacific Railway
Crosses St. Lawrence River
Locale Kahnawake, Quebec and Montreal, Quebec
Coordinates 45°25′8″N 73°39′34″W / 45.41889°N 73.65944°W / 45.41889; -73.65944Coordinates: 45°25′8″N 73°39′34″W / 45.41889°N 73.65944°W / 45.41889; -73.65944
Located only about 400 m south of the St-Laurent Railway Bridge, on the same line, is a pair of vertical-lift bridges to carry the rail line over the Saint Lawrence Seaway.

The Saint-Laurent Railway Bridge is a Canadian Pacific railway bridge linking LaSalle to the Kahnawake Mohawk Reserve, just upstream of the Mercier Bridge. It is used by the AMT Delson-Candiac commuter train. CSX trains, via the Montreal Subdivision, also use this bridge.

History of the bridge[edit]

1885 bridge.
Map showing the rail bridge, on the left.

There have been two bridge that cross the river at this location. The first bridge, erected in 1885-1887, was an all-steel construction that employed a flying cantilever design to cross the main channel. It was of a single track configuration.

The second structure (that still stands today), was rebuilt to a double track standard between 1910 and 1913. To build the bridge, the free ends of the main spans were floated across the water on a barge. [1]


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