Saint Ange

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Saint Ange
Saint Ange poster.jpg
Saint Ange film poster
Directed by Pascal Laugier
Produced by Christophe Gans
Written by Pascal Laugier
Starring Virginie Ledoyen
Catriona MacColl
Lou Doillon
Dorina Lazăr
Music by Joseph LoDuca
Distributed by Rogue Pictures (US)
Release dates
  • 23 June 2004 (2004-06-23) (France)
Running time
98 minutes
Language French
Box office $5,164,229[1]

Saint Ange, also known as House of Voices, is a 2004 French-Romanian horror film written and directed by Pascal Laugier. It is Laugier's feature film debut.[2]


In 1958, Anna, a young cleaning woman, is sent to spruce up the abandoned St. Ange orphanage in the French Alps region. In fact, she has been sent there because she is pregnant, but she keeps this a secret from others. She then discovers that Judith is the only orphan who still lives there, a young woman who acts like a child, locked up in her own memories. As she begins her cleaning duties, Anna begins to experience strange things such as hearing the footsteps and voices of children down the hallways. Meanwhile, her co-worker, a cook named Helenka, does not hear a thing, and begins to worry about Anna's state of mind.

As time passes, Anna begins to suspect that St. Ange holds a dark secret. Convinced that Judith's memories hold part of the answer, Anna coaxes her into helping uncover the sinister secrets that lie under the orphanage. [2][3]


According to Christophe Gans, the film was shot both in French and English. The Canadian DVD has both cuts of the film.[4]


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