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Samuel Hulbert Turner (Philadelphia, 1790-1861) was an American Hebraist. He was professor of the Hebrew Language and Literature at the General Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church in New York City from 1830.[1] He was tutor and mentor to Joseph Schereschewsky, later Anglican Bishop of Shanghai.[2]


  1. ^ Columbia University bulletin: Volumes 15-20 Columbia University - 1898 "Samuel Hulbert Turner, DD, as Professor of the Hebrew Language and Literature. Dr. Turner was a Philadelphian by birth ; and when the General Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church was finally established in New York City"
  2. ^ Irene Eber The Jewish Bishop and the Chinese Bible: S. I. J. Schereschewsky ... - Page 55 1999 "This was Professor Samuel Hulbert Turner, a little lame and sharp tempered, who held the chair in Biblical Learning at the seminary and was then nearing the end of his tenure. Turner believed that theological study not only required a disciplined mind but training in other branches of learning as well. Thorough acquaintance with the Scriptures was mandatory, he felt, and students should be required to read and understand texts in the original Hebrew and Greek. Turner's emphasis on intellectual preparation of seminary students accorded "