Santa Fe, Veraguas

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For other places named 'Santa Fe', see Santa Fe (disambiguation).
A view to the south from the southern crater rim

Santa Fe is the name of the capital of the Santa Fe District in the province of Veraguas in Panamá. It has a population of 2800 and lies at an altitude of about 400m. While Santa Fe and its surrounding mountains, especially the iconic Cerro Tute, appear to have volcanic origin, there is no evidence to support this. Santa Fe lies close to the continental divide and just 60 km from the Mosquito Coast at the Caribbean Sea, but is more easily accessible from the Pacific coast to the South.

Santa Fe is known throughout Panamá for its orchids. There is an orchid exposition every August. The mayor of Santa Fe until 2009, señora Albertina de Castrellon, is a part of the "group of orchids", which is made up of locals who have a passion for orchids and gardening. The mayor's house is the "house of orchids" and a tourist spot that isn't quite known. The cool air and pristine forests make the surrounding mountains ideal for hiking and birding. In addition to the hiking and birding that can be done in Santa Fe, there are many waterfalls, or chorros, that tourists can go to. From the center of Santa Fe there are signs and roads that lead you to the different waterfalls.

The Artisan Market in the Cabecera de Santa Fe makes and sells classic sombrero santafereño, a variation of the traditional Panamanian sombrero pintao, that are more durable and cheaper than hats found elsewhere in Panamá. In addition to the hats the artisan market also sells handmade indigenous style dresses for women and girls. These dresses are characterized by bright colors and geometric patterns.


Coordinates: 8°30′N 81°04′W / 8.500°N 81.067°W / 8.500; -81.067