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Sardār-e Īravānī was the title of Hossein Khan Sardar Qajar (1740-1830) and his brother Hasan Khan Qajar, the last governor of Eravan (Iravan, Jerevan, Yerevan) 1807-28, the son of Mohammad Khan Qajar (Amir Kabir) uncle of Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar the founder of Qajar Dynasty in Persia and also the ancestor of family Sardari Iravani, an old Persian Qajar family.


This family is closely related to the ruling Qajar line, but it has not been possible to establish the exact, male-line, lineal connection between the two branches.

Musa Khan-e Qajar Quyunlu. He had issue:

  • 1) Iskander Khan-e Qajar Quyunlu. m. a Zand Princess and had issue, four sons and several daughters, including:
    • a) Isa Khan.
    • b) Musa Khan.
    • c) Amir Muhammad Khan-e Qajar Quyunlu, Amir-i-Kabir, Governor-General of Erevan in the 18th century. He had issue, three sons and three daughters:
Hazrate Hosseinqoli Khan Qajar Sardar Iravani
      • i) General Hosein Qoli Khan -e Qajar Quyunlu ( Sardar e Iravani - Sardar e Bozorg ). b. 1742, educ. privately. Prom. to the rank and title of Khan 1797. Capt. of the Household Slaves (Yuzbashi-i-Ghulam-i-Khas) of Fath 'Ali Shah 1795, prom. to Gen. 1797, cdr. of the expedition sent against Sadiq Khan Shaqaqi at Qazvin and Muhammad Khan Zand at Isfahan in 1797, Cdr. of the exped. against Nadir Mirza Afshar, Governor of Qazvin 1800-1802, of Khorasan 1802-1807, C-in-C Northern Armies 1807, served in the First Russo-Persian War 1807-1813, Governor-General of Erevan 1807-1827, lost Erevan to the Russians in 1827 (ceded 1828). He d. 1831, having had issue:
        • (1) Muhammad (Mahdi) Qoli Khan-e Qajar Quyunlu. m. Shahzadi Shirin-Jan Khanum, daughter of Fath 'Ali Shah, Shahanshah of Persia, by his favourite wife, Tavous Khanum, Taj ud-Daula.
        • (1) A daughter. m. Field Marshal Shahzada Abbas Mirza, Nai'b us-Sultana, Crown Prince of Persia (b. at Nava, Mazandaran, 26 August 1789; d. at Mashhad, 25 October 1833), son of Fath 'Ali Shah, Shahanshah of Persia, by his principal wife, Queen Aisha Khanum-e Qajar Devehlu, Mahd-i-'Aliya, daughter of Fath 'Ali Khan-e Qajar Devehlu. She had issue.
      • ii) Captain Hasan Khan-e Qajar Quyunlu ( Sardar e Iravani - Sardar e Kuchak ). Capt. of the Household (Yuzbashi-i-Ghulam-i-Khas) of Fath 'Ali Shah, served in the First Russo-Persian War 1808-1813, captured by the Russians at Erevan and imprisoned at Tiflis 1827-1828. He had issue:
        • i) Yousef Khan Sartip, Governor-General of Yazd. He had issue:
          • i) Ahmad Khan Moshir Hozoor.
        • ii) Sarem udoleh.
          • iii) Abdolhossein Khan Naser usaltaneh.
        • iii) Amir Sulaiman Khan-e Qajar Quyunlu ( Amirsoleymani family ), Amir-i-Kabir (cre. 1799). b. 1769. Previously styled Nizam ud-Daula and I'tizad ud-Daula. Dep. Governor-General of Azerbaijan 1798, and Chief Tutor to Crown Prince Abbas Mirza 1799. m. (first) a Zand princess. m. (second) (div.) Kuchik Khanum Tabrizi (m. second, Fath 'Ali Shah, Shahanshah of Persia). He d. 1805
    • d) Mirza Sulaiman Khan-e Qajar Quyunlu, I'tizad ud-Daula.
    • e) Muhammad 'Ali Khan-e Qajar Quyunlu [Khalu]. Governor-General of Fars 1798.
    • a daughter) Fatima Khanum, styled Jayran Begum after her marriage. m. as his first wife, Nawab Sultan Muhammad Hasan Bahadur Khan-e Qajar Quyunlu (b. 1715; k. 1759), Ilkhani of the Qajar tribe and Governor-General Mazandaran, etc. eldest son of Amir Fath 'Ali Bahadur Khan-e Qajar Quyunlu, Nai'b us-Sultana, by his wife, Amina Begum, alias Khair un-nisa Khanum, former wife of Shah Sultan Husain (by whom she is alleged to have been pregnant with Muhammad Hasan when taken as wife by Fath 'Ali Khan), daughter of Husain Quli Agha. She had issue, two sons :

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