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For places in Azerbaijan named Sarvan, see Sarvan, Azerbaijan. For the village in Iran, see Sarvan, Iran.
Cover of French edition Sarvane, published by Dargaud in 1985.

Sarvan is a Spanish comics series featuring an eponymous character, written by Antonio Segura and drawn by Jordi Bernet. The series was launched in the comics magazine Cimoc in 1982,[1] had a relatively short serial run before the artist and writer moved on to their next collaboration, Kraken.[2]


Sarvan is a woman living in a fantasy-science fiction environment, on a barbarous planet where a blonde astronaut, Heloin, arrives. The volatile Sarvan claims him for herself, and this generates an almost endless series of struggles. In many of these clashes Sarvan dresses in a revealing bikini that frequently slides down.