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Saud Nasser Al-Saud Al-Sabah (3 October 1944– 21 January 2012) was a member of the Kuwaiti royal family, politician and diplomat.

Early life[edit]

Sabah was born on 3 October 1944.[1]

Career and activities[edit]

Sabah served as ambassador of Kuwait to Great Britain in the 1980s.[2] Then he served as Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States during the First Gulf War, more specifically from 1981 to 1992..[3] In 1992, he was appointed information minister and served in the post until March 1998.[3] He was oil minister from March 1998 to 2001.[2]

He and his daughter Nayirah were reportedly involved in Citizens for a Free Kuwait – a front group established by the Kuwaiti government to promote US involvement in the Gulf War. This involvement was covered in the 1992 documentary film To Sell a War.[4]

Despite criticism of the Ambassador's daughter and the claims of staging war propaganda through Citizens for a Free Kuwait campaign which was run by Hill & Knowlton; experts argue factually that the First Gulf War was not a planned event nor does it quite fit the suggested documentary film of 1992 To Sell a War;[5] nor was it a campaign effort to spin public relations sentiment in the United States in favor of a War. The First Gulf War was much related to a sequence of time events that dates back to 1973; both historically and factually.[6] Other specialized military experts would go back further to Operation Vantage 1961 and the Kuwait-Iraq 1973 Sanita border skirmish; part of the Iraq-Kuwait relations and while analyzing the operational engagements of the Military of Kuwait; experts factually argue that the stage was set ever since Kuwait was never recognized as an Independent State even after rightly gaining its independence in 1961.


Sabah died of cancer on 21 January 2012.[3][2] He was 68.[3]

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