Say One for Me

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Say One For Me
Say One for Me.jpg
Directed by Frank Tashlin
Produced by Frank Tashlin
Written by Robert O'Brien
Starring Bing Crosby
Debbie Reynolds
Robert Wagner
Music by Alexander Courage
Earle Hagen
Leigh Harline
Arthur Morton
Lionel Newman
Cinematography Leo Tover
Edited by Hugh S. Fowler
Twentieth Century-Fox
Distributed by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Release date(s) October 11, 1959
Running time 120 min.
Country United States
Language English
Budget $1,990,000[1]
Box office $3.9 million (est. US/ Canada rentals)[2]

Say One For Me (1959) is a film directed by Frank Tashlin and starring Bing Crosby and Debbie Reynolds.[3] Years later, Say One for Me was included as one of the choices in the book The Fifty Worst Films of All Time. Actress Stella Stevens made her film debut in Say One for Me and received the Golden Globe Award in 1960 for New Star of the Year-Actress for this film.


In the middle of New York's theater district sits Father Conroy's parish, where entertainers often attend his services. His parishioners include Holly LeMaise, whose dad Harry was an old vaudevillian.

Holly takes a job as a showgirl in a nightclub to pay the medical bills when her father falls ill. The featured entertainer at the club is Tony Vincent, a playboy whose romantic advances Holly wards off. But soon she develops feelings for him.

Father Conroy befriends the former songwriter Phil Stanley, whose alcoholism and hard times have left him playing piano in Tony's act. The priest annoys Tony by seemingly interfering with Holly's personal life and now Phil's as well. Tony lands a job at a Miami hotel and tries to manipulate Holly into going along.

As a charity event, Father Conroy organizes a big show that will be on nationwide TV. Tony, having lost the Miami job, desperately wants to perform on it. To prove his true intent to Holly, the priest offers to book Tony on television provided he tells Holly their relationship is over. Holly is shocked when he accepts.

When it's his turn to sing, Tony's guilty conscience gives him a change of heart. He gives up his time on the TV show to Phil, who has written a new song. Father Conroy is pleased, and soon finds himself officiating at Holly's and Tony's wedding.


Premiere performance[edit]

On June 28, 1959, a 30th anniversary celebration took place at the Fox Theater in San Francisco (opened June 28, 1929) with a special advance screening of Say One for Me.


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