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Scrabster Harbour

Scrabster (Scots: Scraibster,[1] Scottish Gaelic: Sgrabastair/Sgrabstal)[2] is a small settlement on Thurso Bay in Caithness on the north coast of Scotland. It is some 1 12 miles (2.4 km) from Thurso, 22 12 miles (36.2 km) from Wick and 112 miles (180 km) from Inverness.

Scrabster Harbour is an important port for the Scottish fishing industry.[3]

During the Second World War, Scrabster harbour was the base for a ferry operation started to carry military explosives to Scapa Flow. Initially running a 40 ft, (12.2 m) King's Lynn pilotcutter "MERMAID" built in 1908, Antony Bridges maintained the service until 1945.[4]


Far North Line[edit]

The nearest railway line is the Far North Line connecting Thurso railway station to Inverness railway station.


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Coordinates: 58°36′35″N 3°33′09″W / 58.60972°N 3.55250°W / 58.60972; -3.55250