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The Sea Education Association (SEA) is a private, nonprofit educational organization which offers a hands-on experience to college and high school students in sailing at sea. Founded in 1971 by Corwith Cramer, Jr. SEA operates two sailing ships traveling throughout both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Semester-long classes are offered on these vessels, allowing for a hands-on approach to a variety of ocean studies.


SEA is an educational institution dedicated to the study of the ocean environment and its relationship to the Earth and to human affairs.


Founded in 1971, the Sea Education Association spent its first years operated from headquarters in Boston and Chicago, however in 1975, Corwith Cramer had the organization and its sole vessel, the R/V Westward, transferred to its modern-day location in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

Over the years, the program would expand greatly, with more ocean semester programs being offered at a time and the expanding of the SEA fleet. Most of these changes can be accredited to Cramer's successor, Rafe Parker, who replaced him in 1982. Some of the program's most significant changes include, the addition of the SSV Corwith Cramer brigantine in 1987, and the replacement of the R/V Westward with the SSV Robert C. Seamans in 2001.

In 2002 Rafe Parker was succeeded by the current SEA president, John Bullard. The program has been flourishing over the span of 3 decades now and is still looking to expand and make improvements to this day.


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