Sennybridge Training Area

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Sennybridge Training Area (SENTA)
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Coordinates 52°03′07″N 3°33′32″W / 52.05194°N 3.55889°W / 52.05194; -3.55889Coordinates: 52°03′07″N 3°33′32″W / 52.05194°N 3.55889°W / 52.05194; -3.55889
Type Training Area
Site information
Owner Ministry of Defence
Controlled by Defence Estates[1]

The Sennybridge Training Area (SENTA) is a UK Ministry of Defence military training area near the village of Sennybridge in Powys, Wales. It consists of approximately 31,000 acres (12,000 ha) of Ministry of Defence freehold land and 6,000 acres (2,500 ha) of land leased from Forest Enterprise.[2]

Danger sign above Cwm Graig Ddu

The training area is the third largest military training area in the United Kingdom,[1] It covers 12 miles (19 km) south west to north east and 5 miles (8 km) south east to north west.[1] It lies to the north of the Brecon Beacons National Park on Mynydd Eppynt.[3]

There are four mock farmsteads present in SENTA, purpose built in the late 1980s and early 1990s for use in training exercises and for shelter.

Farm 7 (NPRN 242044) has two concrete block buildings and a corrugated zinc building, arranged around a yard area.

Farm 10 (NPRN 242050) has two concrete “farmhouse” type buildings and an A-frame troop shelter.

Farm 11 (NPRN 242080) also has three buildings arranged around a yard, whilst

Farm 12 (NPRN 242386), the last to be built, has two corrugated buildings but no “farmhouse”.

Amongst the key elements that make the character of the Dry Training Area markedly different to the surrounding landscape (including most of the Live Firing Range to the southwest) are the presence of over 60 small coniferous plantations and an extensive network of mock hedgerows.

The coniferous plantations range in size from c.25m x 25m to 200m x 125m and are used for shelter and camouflage for troops and vehicles during training exercises. Planting began in the mid-1970s and was continued during succeeding decades.

Mock-hedgerows have been constructed across most of the Dry Training Area, apart from the extreme northwestern edge

The first of the military hedgerows was planted in 1978-1979, when over 19km was created. Another 19km was added within 3 years. Originally quickthorn was planted on the banks, but a wider variety of deciduous trees have been more recently introduced. Across the whole of the SENTA area over 90km of hedgerow were created in total, offering cover for units on training exercises but also breaking up the previously bleak upland landscape. Most of these hedgerows are fenced with sheep wire along either side of their length, and many have become valuable corridors for wildlife during recent decades


  • Soldier Development Wing - part of ATC Pirbright.[4]


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