Serangoon Secondary School

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Coordinates: 1°22′30.8″N 103°54′6.8″E / 1.375222°N 103.901889°E / 1.375222; 103.901889

Serangoon Secondary School
Logo of the Serangoon Secondary SchoolSerangoon Secondary School
"Seek, Strive, Serve"
Type Government
Established 1928
Session single
School code 3010
Principal Mr Jaswant Singh
Enrolment 6,000,000
Colour(s) Blue, white, orange

Serangoon Secondary School is a government secondary school in Hougang, Singapore. The school was established in 1928 but Serangoon Eagle Scout Group started at 1922. In 2001, the secondary school was moved to its present location at 11 Upper Serangoon View.

Places in school[edit]

  • Parade Square
Parade Square
Parade Square
The Parade Square at Serangoon Secondary School

Co-Curricular Activities[edit]

Performing Arts[edit]

  • Chinese Orchestra
  • Choir
  • Band
  • Contemporary Dance
  • Guzheng Ensemble
  • Malay Dance
  • Drama Club

Uniformed Groups[edit]

  • Scouts (Land)
  • NPCC (Land)
  • NCC (Land)
  • Girls Guide
  • Red Cross Youth

Club & Societies[edit]

  • AVA Club
  • Infocomm Club
  • Library Council


  • Basketball
  • Netball
  • Football
  • Hockey


Achievements at the front lobby
Achievement Box
The achievements at Serangoon Secondary School
Serangoon Secondary School's display of achievements
  • Serangoon Eagle Scout Group has achieved Frank Cooper Sands Award since 2000 and won the Gold Award from 2008 onwards. They also participated in the National Patrol Camp 2013 and obtained a Silver award.

School crest[edit]

  • Blue signifies piety and sincerity
  • White embodies pure and wholesome, purity in thought, word and deed
  • Orange represents strength, integrity and endurance


'The Eagle' derived from its German counterpart the German Eagle - symbolises self-discipline, dignity, esteem and power. The lamp - symbolises knowledge.


  • 1922 - Serangoon Eagle Scout Group was established.
  • 1928 - named Serangoon English School in a double-storeyed building in Simon Road.The school is for boys.
  • 1937 - three standards were added. The school provided education up to Standard Eight (or Secondary Three in present-day terms).
  • 1942 to 1945 - during the Japanese Occupation, the school was used as the Japanese Normal School for the training of officers in the Japanese education service.
  • 1965 - it remained a boys' school for almost twelve years until the introduction of Pre-University classes for both boys and girls.
  • 1952 - extensions were completed, including a Science block with Science laboratories on the ground floor and an assembly hall upstairs.
  • 1957 - the last of the primary classes and the school became a secondary school for Upper Serangoon District.
  • 1965 - the first Pre-University class was formed and this section soon extended to include two Pre-University One classes and two Pre-University Two classes.
  • 1967 - Serangoon English School shifted to Lowland Road. It was later renamed Serangoon Secondary School.
  • 1976 - owing to the establishment of Junior Colleges for Pre-University students, the Pre-University section of the school was closed.
  • 2000 - the school moved to its own present premises at Upper Serangoon View.
  • 2008 - the school celebrated its 80th anniversary.[1][2]
  • 2013 - the school celebrated its 85th anniversary. The school also had an anniversary dinner with performances.


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