Seven Islands State Birding Park

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Seven Islands State Birding Park
Park entrance along Kelly Lane
Type Tennessee State Park
Location Kodak, Knox County, Tennessee
Coordinates 35°56′46″N 83°41′31″W / 35.946°N 83.692°W / 35.946; -83.692Coordinates: 35°56′46″N 83°41′31″W / 35.946°N 83.692°W / 35.946; -83.692
Area 415 acres (1.68 km2)
Created 2014

Seven Islands State Birding Park is a state park in Knox County, Tennessee located east of Knoxville in Kodak along the French Broad River.[1] The park was created for birdwatching. The diverse grassland landscapes and the river create a habitat for more than 160 species of birds.

The park was opened on July 1, 2014 by state and local officials.[2][3]


Before Seven Islands became Seven Islands State Birding Park it was a wildlife refuge operated by Knox County. The park's name refers to a string of small islands and shoals in the adjacent river.[4]


Canadian geese resting on a downed tree in the French Broad River

Species of birds found within the park include purple martins, tree swallows, common yellowthroats, yellow-breasted chats, summer tanagers, blue grosbeaks, and indigo buntings. Sparrows are common in winter, namely the field, Savannah, song, swamp, white-throated, and white-crowned species. Barn owls have been known to frequent the old barns in the area.[5] Waterfowl include Canadian geese and mallards.[6]


Birdwatching is why the park was created but it also includes the following:[7]

  • A small canoe/kayak boat launch site
  • 8 miles (13 km) miles of hiking trails.
  • Biking and fishing may also be done at the park. Fishing can be done along the French Broad River.


The park is located approximately 18 miles (29 km) east of Knoxville, Tennessee.

The park is located along the French Broad River.

The park's address is 2809 Kelly Lane, Kodak, Tennessee 37764.


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