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Line 2 (Shekou Line)
二号线 (蛇口线)
SZM Shekou Line icon.svg
Shenzhen Metro Shenkang Station.jpg
Platform of Shenkang Station
Type Rapid transit
System Shenzhen Metro
Status Operational
Locale Shenzhen, China
Termini Chiwan
Stations 29
Services 1
Daily ridership 247,500
Opening 28 December 2010
Operator(s) Shenzhen Metro Co. Ltd.
Character Underground
Line length 35.78 km (22.23 mi)
No. of tracks 2
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Route map

Line 2 of Shenzhen Metro (Shekou Line) in first phase it runs eastward from Chiwan to Window of the World. Line 2 is now open (December 2010).[1][2]

Line 2 is the only line in Shenzhen solely with underground stations that are inclusively in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. However, it is the least used line in the system with only 247,500[3] passengers a day, peaking at 385,500 on May 5, 2014.[4]


first-stage project[edit]

The first-stage project of Line 2 is from Chiwan to Window of the World, the length of it was 15.514 km, and these 12 stations are all underground.

First-stage project of Line 2 trial operated at December 28, 2010.

second-stage project[edit]

The second-stage project is from Window of the World Station to Xinxiu Station, the length of it was 20.65k, and the number of these stations is 17.

At June 28, 2011, second-stage project of Line 2 started trial operation.

Current Stations[edit]

Station Name
Station Name
Platform Types
Chiwan 赤湾 island (und) Nanshan
Shekou Port 蛇口港 island (und)
Sea World 海上世界 island (und)
Shuiwan 水湾 island (und)
Dongjiaotou 东角头 island (und)
Wanxia 湾厦 dual-island (und)
Haiyue 海月 island (und)
Dengliang 登良 island (und)
Houhai 后海 island (und)
Keyuan 科苑 island (und)
Hongshuwan 红树湾 island (und)
Window of the World 世界之窗 side (und) 1
Qiaocheng North 侨城北 island (und)
Shenkang 深康 island (und) Futian
Antuo Hill 安托山 island (und)
Qiaoxiang 侨香 island (und)
Xiangmi 香蜜 island (und)
Xiangmei North 香梅北 island (und)
Jingtian 景田 side (und)
Lianhua West 莲花西 island (und)
Futian 福田 island (und) 3
ChinaRailwayHighspeed.svg Futian Railway Station
Civic Center 市民中心 island (und) 4
Gangxia North 岗厦北 island (und)
Huaqiang North 华强北 island (und)
Yannan 燕南 island (und)
Grand Theater 大剧院 island (und) 1 Luohu
Hubei 湖贝 side (und)
Huangbeiling 黄贝岭 dual-island (und) 5
Xinxiu 新秀 island (und)


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