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Jat Clan

Sikar (Rajasthan), Hissar (Haryana), Abohar (Punjab), Jodhpur (Rajasthan),

Bhiwani (Haryana)
Varna Kshatriya
Language Bagri, Haryanvi, Rajasthani
Religion Hinduism
Surnames Chaudhary, Sheoran

Sheoran, Sheorayan or Shivrain is a gotra of Jats who exist mainly in Bhiwani, Hissar in Haryana and Sikar, Jhunjhunu, Jodhpur districts of Rajasthan. They are also found in Aligarh and Rampur and Meerut districts of Uttar Pradesh.


Sheoran is a branch of Shivi Jats who ruled in Malwa and Rajasthan. When they moved from Malwa to Rajasthan,one group was lived in Ramkot bedkot in Punjab then some coming in sri ganganagar rajasthan then one group also moved to Neemrana, where they were found at the time of Emperor Humanyun. Sheorans consider themselves to be the descendants of Shiva.[1]


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