Sherpi Kangri

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Sherpi Kangri
Sherpi Kangri is located in Tibetan Plateau
Sherpi Kangri
Sherpi Kangri
Location in Kashmir
Elevation 7,380 m (24,210 ft)
Ranked 74th
Prominence 1,000 m (3,300 ft)
Location Siachen area of Kashmir, disputed between India and Pakistan [1]
Range Karakoram
Coordinates 35°27′54″N 76°46′20″E / 35.46500°N 76.77222°E / 35.46500; 76.77222Coordinates: 35°27′54″N 76°46′20″E / 35.46500°N 76.77222°E / 35.46500; 76.77222[2]

Sherpi Kangri is a mountain peak in the Karakoram Range. It lies five km south of Ghent Kangri (7,380 m) and ten km northwest of Saltoro Kangri (7,742 m).

Sherpi Kangri lies in the Sherpi Kangri glacier region. The Sherpi Kangri glacier is controlled by the Pakistan army.

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  1. ^ India is in de facto control of this region of Kashmir; the Indian claim is disputed by Pakistan. See e.g. The Future of Kashmir on the BBC website.
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