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Sherri Stoner

Sherri Stoner (born July 16, 1965) is an American actress and writer. She has worked extensively in animation. She was a writer and producer for such 1990s animated shows as Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs. She is probably best known for Animaniacs, for which she created and voiced Slappy Squirrel, a grumpy retired cartoon character.[1] As a producer for Tiny Toon Adventures, Sherri won Emmy awards for Outstanding Animated Program in 1991[2] and 1993.[3]

She also co-wrote Universal's Casper with Deanna Oliver[4] and was on the writing staff for the 1996 revival of an animated Casper the Friendly Ghost, also known as The Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper.[5] Stoner and Oliver also co-wrote the Disney film, My Favorite Martian, based on the original 60s TV series.[6]

Stoner served as animation reference model for Ariel in Disney's The Little Mermaid[7] and for Belle in Beauty and the Beast.[8] Ariel frequently bites her lower lip, and Belle often brushes hair away from her face. Both of these are mannerisms of Stoner's that animators adapted to the characters.

Her live-action television work includes a recurring role as Rachel Brown Oleson in the 9th season of Little House on the Prairie,[9] and appearances in Murder, She Wrote[10] and Knots Landing.[11] She was also a member of the Groundlings improvisational troupe in Los Angeles.

In 2010, Sherri, along with Paul Rugg, Tom Ruegger, Nathan Ruegger & John P. McCann appeared in The Nostalgia Critic's Animaniacs Tribute and was interviewed by The Critic.[12]

Sherri Stoner lives and works in Los Angeles. She is currently working with Tom Ruegger as story editor on Disney's The 7D - an animated series to debut in 2014.[13]


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