Shirley Braha

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Shirley Braha
Born (1982-12-26) December 26, 1982 (age 31)
New York, United States
Occupation Television producer

Shirley Braha (born Dec. 26, 1982)is an American TV producer. She created the music television show New York Noise, which ran on NYC TV from 2003-2010.[1]

Early life[edit]

Braha is a native of Brooklyn. At 16 she started a record label called Little Shirley Beans Records.[2][3][4] From 2001-2002 she was programming co-director for the streaming internet radio site [2] At Smith College, Braha was a DJ at WOZQ and their Events Director.[5] In 2001, Braha was featured in YM Magazine as "One of the 21 Coolest Girls in America".[2] The Village Voice named her "Best D.I.Y. Go Girl Under 21" in their 2002 "Best of NYC" issue.[2]

New York Noise (2003-2010)[edit]

Braha created New York Noise [1], an indie-rock TV show, in 2003 while interning at NYC TV.[6][7][8] " She produced & edited the series.[6] The program showcased underground music in unusual ways.[1][3][4][6][9][10] Her production style “brought much needed originality to her field” according to the Village Voice.[4] According to the New York Times, it is "a groundbreaking show that has attracted a loyal following [9]"

Weird Vibes (2011-present)[edit]

Shirley Braha is creator & producer of "Weird Vibes," a 30-minute indie music video show that she developed for an online subsidiary of MTV Networks.[11] The show launched in August 2011.


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