Showbusiness Giants

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Showbusiness Giants
Showbusiness Giants 02.jpg
Background information
Origin Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Genres rock
Years active 1987 (1987)–present
Labels Virgin, Smoeff, Essential Noise
Associated acts The Hanson Brothers, Nomeansno, Infamous Scientists, Tom Holliston, Ford Pier
Past members Tom Holliston

Showbusiness Giants is a Canadian indie rock band, with a rotating lineup centred on musician Tom Holliston. Other contributors to the band have included Scott Henderson, John Wright, Andy Kerr, Carolyn Mark, Ken Kempster, Keith Rose, Ford Pier and Jello Biafra, who appeared in spirit form only during a seance conducted by the mystical Holliston.

Their best-known song, from their 1995 album Let's Have a Talk With the Dead, is "I've Got a Crush on Wendy Mesley."


  • 1988 Gold Love (cassette)
  • 1989 The Benevolent Horn (cassette)
  • 1991 I Thought It Was a Fig
  • 1991 Maybe It's Just Me
  • 1995 Let's Have a Talk With the Dead
  • 1997 Will There Be Corn?
  • 2000 Self-Aggrandizement Keeps Us Going


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