Shuya River (Karelia)

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Shuya River
Early 20th-century photo of a bridge across the Shuya River.
Origin Lake Suoyarvi
Mouth Lake Logmozero
Basin countries Russia
Length 194 km
Avg. discharge 130 m3/s
Basin area 10,100 km²

The Shuya River (Finnish: Suojoki, also Suoju, Russian: Шуя) is a river in the Republic of Karelia in Russia. The length of the river is 194 km. The area of its basin is 10,100 km². The Shuya flows out of Lake Suoyarvi and flows through Lake Logmozero into Lake Onega. It freezes up in November - January and stays icebound until April - first half of May.

Coordinates: 61°52′43″N 34°17′47″E / 61.8785°N 34.2965°E / 61.8785; 34.2965