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Silent Sam is the American name for the wordless Swedish comic strip Adamson, created by Oscar Jacobsson (1889-1945) in 1920.[1] It has also been published under the name Adamson's Adventures.

Adamson's Adventures strip, from 1922.

Adamson himself was a silent, cigar-smoking man with a big hat and frequent misadventures. The strip originally appeared in the Swedish humor publication Söndags-Nisse, where it debuted on October 17, 1920. It soon became very popular and was published in hundreds of newspapers all over the world. After Jacobsson died in 1945, it was drawn by the Dane Viggo Ludvigsen until 1964.

In 1965, the year after the production of the comic ceased, Svenska Serieakademien (The Swedish Academy of Comics) founded the Adamson Award in Jacobsson's honor. This award is awarded to one Swedish and one international comic creator every year.[citation needed]


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