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Simon Toyne is a British writer and author of the Sanctus trilogy.


In December 2007 Toyne quit his job as a television producer [1] and moved to France for six months, hoping to fulfil a long-held desire to write a thriller. After a sleepless night crossing the English channel on a storm battered midnight ferry, he and his family abandoned a planned eight-hour drive to their new home, and limped instead to the city of Rouen in search of a hotel. It was the eerie sight of the sharp spire of Rouen Cathedral piercing the pre-dawn sky that gave birth to the fictional citadel of "SANCTUS". On his return to the UK, Toyne spent a lot more time writing (while freelancing to pay the bills) until "SANCTUS" was finished. It is his first novel, To date it has been translated into 27 languages and will be published in over 40 countries.


Sanctus Trilogy[edit]

  • "Sanctus" (2011)[2]
  • "The Key" (2012)[3]
  • "The Tower" (2013)[4]


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