Sins of a Dark Age

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Sins of a Dark Age
Sins of a Dark Age Logo.png
Sins of a Dark Age Logo
Developer(s) Ironclad Games
Publisher(s) Ironclad Games, Steam
Engine Iron Engine
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Genre(s) Multiplayer online battle arena, real-time strategy
Mode(s) Multiplayer

Sins of a Dark Age is a dark fantasy multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed by Ironclad Games and published by Ironclad Games and Steam for Microsoft Windows operating systems. The game launched Free to Play on Steam on May 8, 2015. The game features a comprehensive storyline set in a dark fantasy world. The style of the game stands out as more mature than cartoon predecessors in the genre. This is also apparent in the expansive dialog, visual detail, and obvious RPG inspiration.

The Game’s dynamic Quest system sets it apart from other MOBA games. For example, players can fend off plagued vermin, resurrect the undead, steal a troll’s treasure, raise a powerful gryphon ally, earn game-changing treasures and more. The developer states that they will be introducing new quests over time.

Before the game starts players are able to customize their hero’s core attributes (much like in a traditional RPG) to best suit their personal play style. They can also equip hero specific gear that can alter abilities used in the game.

There are other RPG features like free loot drops. Players can collect and use the loot to craft Hero Gear, Skins, Lore Books, and other items for free. All Heroes are free to play and the game doesn't have a ‘pay-to-win’component. Friend recruitment gifts and rewards are given out for good community spirit.

Sins of a Dark Age is also integrated with Steam and Twitch. Steam friends, voice chat, market, trading, cards, badges, achievements are all included. For Twitch the game features in-game twitch chat, streamer upvotes, and the ability for streamers to gift loot directly to their viewers, and be rewarded in return.

The game has also implemented A Vice and Virtue system rewards good behavior with free loot and punishes bad behavior by denying it. Players can also report and mute toxic players. Gold is shared so you players are not competing with their own team, which also allows support heroes to stay in character.

Game modes include a Tutorial, Try Hero, and Custom mode for learning the game, experimenting, and trying out skins. The game has an in-game pause and post-game replays are also available. Casual players also have the option to play co-op battles against AI 'golems' and earn free XP and rewards.

Competitive players modes include Duels (1v1, 2v2) and Siege (5v5). According to the developer there will also be Adventure and Challenge modes. All the modes have their own unique objectives. Players can queue for an unlimited number of modes, and play one mode without losing their spot in another. Other unique features for the genre include upgradable in-game glyphs, new jungle mechanics, and original items.


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