Skeleton Canyon

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A pile of stones marking the site of Geronimo's surrender.
An aerial view of the mouth of Skeleton Canyon
Devils Kitchen at the mouth of Skeleton Canyon, Peloncillo Mountains

Skeleton Canyon is located 30 miles (50 km) northeast of the town of Douglas, Arizona, in the Peloncillo Mountains, which straddle the modern Arizona and New Mexico state line, in the New Mexico Bootheel region.[1]

This canyon connects the Animas Valley of New Mexico with the San Simon Valley of Arizona, and was once a main route between the United States and Mexico for both legal and illegal traffic. While originally known as Guadalupe Canyon, the area became called Skeleton Canyon, as a result of the bones of cows and humans left behind from cattle drives from Mexico.[2]

Geronimo's final surrender to General Miles on September 4, 1886, occurred at the western edge of this canyon. As the surrender site is now on private property, commemorative monument has been erected to the northwest along SR 80, where it intersects with Skeleton Canyon Road in Arizona, at geographic coordinates 31°41′28″N 109°07′56″W / 31.69111°N 109.13222°W / 31.69111; -109.13222. The mouth of the canyon lies about 9.5 mi (15.3 km) to the southeast just west of the Arizona – New Mexico line.[1]

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Coordinates: 31°35′24″N 109°2′10″W / 31.59000°N 109.03611°W / 31.59000; -109.03611