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"Dischord No. 50"
Single by Skewbald/Grand Union
Released January, 1992
Recorded Inner Ear Studios, November 1981
Label Dischord

Skewbald/Grand Union, (commonly known as simply Skewbald), was a short-lived hardcore punk band from Washington, D.C. founded by former Minor Threat members Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson.


Skewbald/Grand Union recorded three songs in November 1981, during Minor Threat's hiatus. They were finally released on MacKaye and Nelson's record label Dischord Records, in January 1992. The band consisted of Ian MacKaye on vocals, guitarist Eddie Janney (who later joined Rites of Spring), bassist John Falls, and drummer Jeff Nelson. Their songs can be found on an eponymous one-sided 7" EP, Dischord No. 50, and on the 3-cd compilation album 20 Years of Dischord.

Band Name[edit]

The band's strange name is a result of a dispute between founding members Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson. The band was initially named "Grand Union," after a nearby grocery store. MacKaye then found the word "skewbald" in a dictionary, and thought it was a better name. Nelson, however, still preferred Grand Union. The two were unable to favor either title, and compromised by giving the band both names.[1]

Band members[edit]

Ian MacKaye - Vocals
Eddie Janney - Guitar
John Falls - Bass
Jeff Nelson - Drums


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