Skiles Test Nature Park

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Skiles Test Nature Park, sometimes called Skiles Test Nature Area is a park on the east side of Indianapolis, Indiana, United States.[1] The land had been owned by Skiles Test and was the site of the supposedly haunted house known as the House of Blue Lights.

Skiles Test, a local business man, lived on the property from 1913 to 1964. The property once had a miniature railway and a pool with bathhouses, elevators, and highdives.[2]

In the 1990s, the park became the subject of controversy because it was being used as a tea room by local gay men, often in the sight of children. A teacher from New Castle, Indiana, was caught exposing himself to a student and arrested in 2004.[3]


Coordinates: 39°52′10″N 86°03′00″W / 39.86944°N 86.05000°W / 39.86944; -86.05000