Slaughter Night

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Slaughter Night
Sl8n8 FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Frank van Geloven
Edwin Visser
Produced by Martin Lagestee
Written by Edwin Visser
Frank van Geloven
Starring Victoria Koblenko
Jop Joris
Kurt Rogiers
Music by Habbo Beem
Cinematography René Haan
Jan Vrints
Edited by Frank van Geloven
Edwin Visser
Lagestee Film BV
Distributed by High Point Film and Television
Release dates
  • 5 October 2006 (2006-10-05)
Running time 90 minutes
Country Netherlands
Language Dutch

Slaughter Night (Dutch: Slachtnacht, stylised as Sl8n8) is a 2006 Dutch-Belgian horror film written and directed by Edwin Visser and Frank van Geloven.[1] It stars Victoria Koblenko, Jop Joris and Kurt Rogiers.[2]


The eighteen-year-old Kristel survived a car accident in which her father dies. Tormented by nocturnal visions she begins to care for her father's investigation of serial killers - especially Andries Martíns, a killer of children. Without further, she decides with a little group of friends from college to visit an abandoned mine, where her father headed the investigations in the case of Andries. In the dark, abandoned mine shafts that once used convicted murderers called firefighters to detect explosives to mine gas. A job that normally no one survived.

When the group arrives at the mine, suddenly strike 60 meters in depth the Shaftlift. The students themselves must now find a way out of the dilapidated mine maze. But they are not alone down there. The spirit of Marti was still driving more and to mischief and bloodthirsty than ever. Kristel and her friends who want to spend the night in the mine to get him there just right. The trip will be more and more a nightmare, tonight's battle night.


  • Victoria Koblenko as Kristel Lodema
  • Jop Joris as Paul
  • Kurt Rogiers as Mark
  • Carolina Dijkhuizen as Liesbeth
  • Lara Toorop as Susan
  • Steve Hooi as Ruud
  • Serge-Henri Valcke as Louis Corpus
  • Linda van der Steen as Estrild
  • Emiel Sandtke as Stefan
  • Martijn Oversteegen as Martin Lodema
  • Liz Snoyink as Carla Lodema
  • Michaël van Buuren as Toine
  • Hans Ligtvoet as Vital Houcks
  • Robert Eleveld as Andries Martiens
  • Rutger Lagestee as Jonge martiens
  • Geena Maas as Anna
  • Teun Lagestee as Jochem
  • Kris van Veelen as Agent
  • Paul Wuijts as Opzichter
  • Marjan Lammers as Moeder Martiens
  • Jeroen Planting as Vader martiens
  • Vincent Gerris as Agent
  • Eva-Marijn Stegemann as Scholiere
  • Theu Boermans as Gaston
  • Harrie Wiessenhaan as Vrachtwagenchauffeur


The production, script and direction were made by Frank van Geloven and Edwin Visser, who worked five years on the project.[3] Victoria Koblenko made in this film his third appearance in a horror film and was promptly appointed to the Dutch scream queen of horror.[4] A small part of the team that created the special effects for The Lord of the Rings, worked on this film and made the Make-up effects. The Amsterdam company UNREAL, specializes in visual effects, such as Special Effects Makeup, Props and Special Realistic Dummies has created the FX effects.[5]


The film premiered alongside Doodeind and Horizonica at the Dutch Film Festival on 5 October 2006.[6] In North America premiered on 24 October 2006 as part of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival and was first time released at DVD on 10 February 2007 at European Film Market.[7]


The opening title was the 1974 hard rock song Love Me Like a Lion from BZN.[8]


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