Soft Rock (album)

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Soft Rock
Compilation album by Lifter Puller
Released September 24, 2002 (2002-09-24)
Genre Post-punk
Label The Self-Starter Foundation (PSP 024)[1]
Lifter Puller chronology
Fiestas and Fiascos
Soft Rock

Soft Rock was the last official release by Minneapolis band Lifter Puller. Released in 2002, it was a compilation of nearly all of the band's songs—save those found on their final studio album, Fiestas and Fiascos—and a few other odds and ends. The version of "Lie Down on Landsdowne" contained on Soft Rock differs from that found on Fiascos.

Track listing[edit]

Disc 1[edit]

Tracks 1-6 are B-sides/rarities. Tracks 7-17 are from the album Half Dead and Dynamite Tracks 18-21 are B-sides/rarities/unreleased.

  1. "Secret Santa Cruz"
  2. "Back in Blackbeard"
  3. "Math Is Money"
  4. "4 Dix"
  5. "La Quereria"
  6. "Lie Down on Landsdowne"
  7. "To Live and Die in LBI"
  8. "I Like the Lights"
  9. "Sherman City"
  10. "Nassau Coliseum"
  11. "Kool NYC"
  12. "Half Dead and Dynamite"
  13. "The Bears
  14. "Hardware"
  15. "The Gin and the Sour Defeat"
  16. "Viceburgh"
  17. "Rock for Lite Brite"
  18. "11th Ave Freezeout"
  19. "The Langelos"
  20. "Mick's Tape"
  21. "The Pirate and the Penpal"

Disc 2[edit]

Tracks 1-6 are from the EP The Entertainment and Arts Tracks 7-19 are from the album Lifter Puller

  1. "Plymouth Rock"
  2. "The Candy Machine and My Girlfriend"
  3. "Sangre De Stephanie"
  4. "Roaming the Foam"
  5. "Star Wars Hips"
  6. "Let's Get Incredible"
  7. "Double Straps"
  8. "Bloomington"
  9. "Star Wars Hips"
  10. "Bruce Bender"
  11. "Lazy Eye"
  12. "The Mezzanine Gypoff"
  13. "Jeep Beep Suite"
  14. "Rental"
  15. "Solid Gold Sole"
  16. "Sublet"
  17. "Summerhouse"
  18. "Mission Viejo"
  19. "Mono"


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