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Solent Amphibious Challenge. A multi discipline race on land and water.

The Solent Amphibious Challenge is a day long multi discipline adventure race over land and sea, held every year in the Solent strait. The aim of the race is to test the competitor's leadership, navigation and seamanship in a physically demanding combined challenge.[1] The Solent Amphibious Challenge is believed to be the first sea-land style adventure race of its kind and the race is only open to Service Teams from throughout the British Armed Forces. The teams consist of five personnel; a Yachtmaster qualified team leader who must be entrenched with International Collision and Regulations and Local Notices to Mariners, two crew members (one competent crew qualified), a runner and a support cyclist.[2]


The one day multi-event race over land and sea is held in June of every year under the authority of Commodore HMS COLLINGWOOD and involves a maximum of 6 five-person teams. Created by Commander Duncan Forer of the Royal Navy, an active adventurer and sailor, the first race was run on 27 June 2012. It is the only adventure race worldwide that has been granted an official partnership by the British Armed Forces.

The race starts with all yachts crossing the start line at Gillkicker Point with all members on board at 0900 (BST). Boats then sail west to Yarmouth Marina where the designated runner and support cyclist will land to commence a run along a prescribed route of approximately 25 miles from West to East to Bembridge Harbour at the other end of the island. The runner is entirely supported by a cyclist and at no stage can the runner swap with the cyclist. The remaining sailing team then sail as quickly as possible to Bembridge where they will rendezvous with the running team who will both then re-board the yacht. Should the runner fail to make it to Bembridge by 1900 then the whole team are retired from the race (due to the tidal window). The boat and whole team then sail to meet the finish line at Gillkicker which is the same as the earlier start line.

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