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South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (SAIACS) is an institute for post-graduate theological studies and research in Bangalore, India. It has an evangelical ethos. Graham Houghton, born in 1937 and raised in New Zealand, on a farm in the Manawatu near Palmerston North, was the founding principal.

Welcoming words at SAIACS

SAIACS offers postgraduate degree programmes for an MA, MTh, Doctor of Ministry (DMin), Doctor of Missiology (DMiss) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.).


SAIACS (13°03′46″N 77°39′15″E / 13.06278°N 77.65417°E / 13.06278; 77.65417) is in North Bangalore.

The buildings are constructed with local materials. The architecture won acclaim in the journal Architecture and Design (Sept/Oct 1996).[citation needed]


In 1997 SAIACS was recognized by the University of Mysore as an accredited research institution of the university, enabling SAIACS to offer an accredited Indian Ph.D. programme. This is the first Protestant institution to be so recognized since William Carey's Serampore College in 1818. All its courses are accredited by ATA (Asia Theological Association), the largest evangelical accrediting agency in Asia.[citation needed]

Academic programs[edit]

SAIACS offers residential degree programs for Masters of Arts in Christianity (MA), Master of Theology (M.Th.), Doctor of Missiology (D.Miss.), Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), and a non-residential Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.).

The residency requirement for the M.A. and the M.Th. programs is two academic years. This period may be extended where equivalency course requirements are added to a student's M.Th. program. Doctoral programs involve longer periods.

Typically, courses are taught in modules of four weeks (Monday to Friday). For the M.A. degree, a typical module consists of 60 classroom hours and an exam at the end of the module. A typical module for the M.Th. program consists of 45 classroom lecture hours, usually held in the first three weeks, and 15 classroom hours of student presentations of either a paper or seminar.


While students are largely from India, SAIACS gets students from Australia, Bhutan, Brazil, Burma, Canada, El Salvador, Holland, Indonesia, Kenya, Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, New Zealand, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Sudan, and USA.

Most of the students have served as ordained ministers, theological teachers or missionaries and Christian workers in churches in Asia. Most students are sent by their sponsoring church or mission and are already under appointment to continue their service upon completion of their studies at SAIACS.

SAIACS Press[edit]

SAIACS Press aims to publish research that challenge the church in South Asia. Most of its publications are written or revised for India. SAIACS Press, an imprint of SAIACS Publications, offers the Dome Series and the Spire Series. Dome Series publications are scholarly works. Spire Series books are more popular guides to Christian thought and living.[citation needed]

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