Stephen I, Count of Burgundy

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Stephen I, Count of Burgundy
Spouse(s) Beatrix of Lorraine
Noble family House of Ivrea
Father William I, Count of Burgundy
Mother Stephanie
Born 1065
Died 1102
A map of western Anatolia, showing the route followed by Stephen I, leading to the Battle of Mervisan

Stephen I (1065–1102), Count Palatine of Burgundy, shared his father's nickname "the Rash" (French tête hardie). He was Count of Burgundy and Count of Mâcon and Vienne.

Born into a powerful and influential family, he was the son of Count William I of Burgundy and his wife Stephanie. His younger brothers were Reginald II, Count of Burgundy and Pope Callixtus II.

Stephen succeeded to the County in 1097, following the death in the Crusades of his elder brother. He participated in the Crusade of 1101, helping with the capture of Ancyra and fighting in the disastrous Battle of Mersivan, whence he barely escaped.

Stephen died shortly thereafter, in 1102, aged 37. He was succeeded by his eldest son, Reginald III of Burgundy.


He was married to Beatrix of Lorraine, daughter of Gerard, Duke of Lorraine and Hedwige of Namur. Beatrix died in 1116/1117. Their children were:

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Stephen I, Count of Burgundy
Born: 1065 Died: 1102
Preceded by
Reginald II
Count Palatine of Burgundy
Succeeded by
Reginald (Renaud) III

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