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Steve Truglia
Born 1962 (age 51–52)
London, England
Occupation Stunt coordinator, stunt performer, television presenter, magician

Steve Truglia (born 1962) is a stunt coordinator, stunt performer and action unit director in the UK. He was also an experienced television presenter and actor, having trained at the Sylvia Young Theatre School. He was a registered full member of the UK Equity Stunt Register as a stunt co-ordinator, and was on the Stunt Register since 1996. Truglia was a life member of the World Stunt Academy. He was an experienced after dinner and motivational public speaker, (he became a TED speaker in 2009), and a television presenter with appearances on many TV shows and news channels in the UK and overseas.


Sporting achievements include 2400+ parachute jumps (D License); several marathons; bronze medal team Army Cross Country Championships 1984 (for 21 SAS); several triathlons (2nd place team in the Army National Triathlon Championships 1992 (for 289 CDO); rock climbing (leading UK E3); mountaineering (Grade V); climbing instructor; Mountain Leader Training Board Single Pitch Supervisors' Award 1996; fencing (AFA grade 6 in all three weapons); five years studying Kendo (Japanese Samurai martial art); motorsport Formula Ford 1600 and Formula First, 1989 2nd place in the Team Touraco Driver of the Year Award and runner up in the Forwardline Racing UK driver search; trampolining (elementary gold certificate); swimming (ASA water skills level 6); scuba diving (BSAC dive leader); and three years of boxing (junior ABAs).

In 1988 Truglia, (and his K2 team mate), won the trophy for the fastest Reserve Forces boat in the 126-mile Devises-Westminster Canoe Race for the Royal Marines Reserves (he has completed the DW race three times). This race is the longest continuous canoe race in the world, and is considered by many to be one of the world's toughest physical events. Truglia's best time was 20 hours 47 minutes in 1985, gaining 21st place in the senior doubles K2 (for 21 SAS). In 2002 Truglia set the UK's first no limits free-diving British record by reaching a depth of 250 ft (76.8m), on one breath. His static breath hold is 6 minutes 10 seconds.

Forces career[edit]

[1] Truglia has a long background in UK Special Forces from 1980–2000, and served with both the SAS and SBS as a reservist. In 1984 he served one year as a regular soldier with the SAS on a special type engagement. Following that Truglia served for six years with 29 Commando (RA), before moving over to the SBS (R) for a further six years. Among the many military skills gathered, he is a swimmer/canoeist (SC3), special forces patrol medic, a signaller, (SF communicator), and is a qualified army physical training instructor (the only course which he passed with an A grade). He is an armed and unarmed combat instructor and an evasive driving instructor, and has worked in close protection in the private sector at the highest level (formerly Saladin and KMS).

In 1981 Truglia passed the Parachute Regiment's 'P’ Company, and was awarded the best student award on his parachute course at RAF Brize Norton. In 1988 he passed the Royal Marines Commando Course at Lympstone to earn his green beret. Truglia claims to have completed over 200 military parachute jumps from balloons, a variety of aircraft, daytime and at night, on land and sea. In 1991 Truglia was awarded the US Marine Corps Gold Parachute Wings at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, whilst on an exchange attachment with the US Marines. He is one of only a few UK soldiers to have completed parachute jumps from an OV10 spy plane.

Film/TV stunt credits[edit]


  • The longest full body fire burn in the UK by being ablaze for 2 minutes 5 seconds. Truglia has also performed more body burns than any other UK stuntman, currently at around 70 full body burns.
  • British Record (2002) for no limits free-diving (breath hold diving) – 76 metres subsequently beaten twice by Pail Whincup in 2005 and Jim Lawless in 2010 who smashed Truglias effort with a 101-foot record dive.[citation needed] Lawless is the current record holder.
  • In 2004 he was awarded a Guinness World Record for the fastest abseil; over 100 metres in 8.9 seconds. This was performed for the Guinness World Record 50th Anniversary TV show from the 400 ft London landmark Centre Point.
  • In May 2009 broke the world record for the largest loop-the-loop car stunt (12 metres), in a TV special filmed for the UK's Channel 5 motoring show Fifth Gear. In 2011 he drove 39 loop-the-loops for Shell V Power at the AutoRai Motorshow in Amsterdam, the most consecutive 11-metre high loops ever driven at that time.
  • In 2007 Truglia talked of making a world record high altitude parachute jump from the edge of space, to beat what was then Joe Kittinger's 1960 record. Truglia's plan was to jump from 120,000 feet (36.576 km or 22.727 miles) in a spacesuit but he never attempted the stunt blaming others for a lack of financial backing. Kittinger's record was subsequently beaten by Felix Baumgartner's Red Bull Stratos project in 2012, and was broken again Alan Eustace's drogue jump in 2014.

Other interests[edit]

Truglia is a keen amateur classical pianist, and a former professional guitarist, saxophonist and singer. He is a professional close up magician and mentalist, and specialises in escapology and gambling cheats. He used to be a member of The Magic Circle and may be a member of the British Ring of the International Brotherhood of Magicians Truglia is currently producing and performing in his own one-man magic show in London's West End, based on the underground world of the gambling cheats.[citation needed] In 2013 Steve Truglia was promoted by The Magic Circle to AIMC (Associate of the Inner Magic Circle) with Silver Star. The silver star denotes that the recipient is a performer but does not necessarily signify the holder's excellence as a performer. Truglia decided not to continue his membership with The Magic Circle, and therefore his AIMC degree is no longer valid.

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