Stiftung Lesen

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Stiftung Lesen
Founded 1988
Key people Heinrich Kreibich
Area served Germany
Focus(es) Reading skills

Stiftung Lesen (Foundation Reading) is a Mainz, Germany, based non-profit organization under the patronage of Horst Köhler, with the purpose of reading education as well as learning reading competence for all age groups, especially children and adolescent. The scope of the foundations activities is national.[1] The foundation also researches literacy (including reading in the digital age[2]), publishing some of its reports for the German government.[3]


With the help opinion formers and decision makers, like parents, teachers, librarians, book-sellers and reading aloud sponsorships many different projects are handled to increase reading skills of people. The foundation has partnered with such well-known organizations as Die Zeit to promote its activities.[4]


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